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Why Us?

What We Offer

With the variety of options to sell your car, you may be wondering why you’d chose us. The answer is simple: we can offer you more. We offer:
• A professional, well-trained staff that will treat you with courtesy and respect.
• Unbelievably fast service that can start right now!
• A locally operated business that is convenient for you.
• Tow away service that gets your clunker off your property and off your mind
• Hassle-free paperwork that is designed to keep you in the loop.
• A free phone consultation to see if your car qualifies.
• A stress free way to make a decision that right for you and the environment.

Don’t hesitate to call and ask any questions you have. The call is free and we will work hard to help you. Stop wasting money on repairs for your old car. Now is the time to get cash towards a new, environmentally friendly car!


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