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We Buy Junk Vehicles

Is it time for a new car? Has your car been making noises that draw the attention of every passerby? If your car is just plain old or has too many miles, it might be time to buy a new vehicle. If you’ve gotten the most out of your car and it is barely running, chances are there won’t be much of a market for it. Don’t let it sit in your driveway after you’ve purchased a new vehicle, call us for a free consultation!

Wrecked Cars

Maybe you have been in a wreck and have a salvage title. We will still make an offer! We are able to offer some of the highest amounts for junk cars. Whether your car has body damage, engine trouble, or the interior is in disrepair, we will work with you to put your car troubles behind you.

Cars that Don’t Run

There are some problems worth fixing and some that are not. If your vehicle is broken down and costs too much to fix, give us a call and we can help put cash in your hand towards a new car. If your mechanic tells you your car has any of the following problems, it may be more expensive to fix than it is worth:

  • icon3cylinder failure
  • icon3a worn clutch
  • icon3a broken timing belt
  • icon3camshaft failure
  • icon3broken catalytic converter
  • icon3extensive suspension problems
  • icon3serious transmission issues

The parts and labor required to fix problems like these can easily cost thousands of dollars. If one part of your car is completely broken down, chances are it has negatively effected other parts as well. If your vehicle has turned into a “lemon” and has required increasing amounts of small or large repairs, it may be worth it to get it off your mind.

We recycle cars in an environmentally friendly way by responsibly removing vehicle fluids and hazardous materials so that they won’t leak into our environment.

Don’t drive a car that isn’t safe for you or others on the road. Don’t risk getting into an accident because your car isn’t in good running condition. Call us now for a free consultation and, if you accept our offer, we will come to your home or place of business to put cash in your hand and tow your junk car away.

So if you’re tired of people calling your car a rust bucket or a clunker we can help you put your car troubles in the rear view window!